Welcome to Synqq Blog

Hello! Welcome to Synqq. This is our first blog post. Our vision as a company is to use voice to get work done. Voice interfaces will fundamentally change the way people interact, capture and get work done on a daily basis. Here on this blog, we plan to share how we are working to achieve that vision. I wanted to take a moment to also share what drives us; what is behind the vision.

All of us have used voice interfaces like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Why cannot we get our work done using voice? How can the service be intelligent to predict most common things we need to do and help complete the forms using voice? We believe leveraging our voice and developing human-quality NLP technologies is a critical step towards achieving AI’s ultimate goal of empowering humans. We want to enable you and your team use voice to get work done every day


We invite you to join us in the quest to achieve this vision. We know the road ahead will be challenging. Change is never easy. All of us tried to work on our phone while driving – this is quite unsafe to us and others! The vision we have established for ourselves humbles us, but it also thrills us. We take on the status quo with intention and with the belief that we are building the technology that will upend that status quo and replace it with something that can affect change in our everyday work life. So watch our blog.

We assembled a core team who pioneered mobile video (Qik, acquired by Skype), social networks (OK.RU) and first-generation voice assistants (Tellme Networks). Start using Synqq mobile app or Synqq Web today to see what it does for your daily work. We welcome your feedback and look forward to bringing you more updates. 

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