The world’s first AI powered voice control


It has been 10 years since the iPhone launch. iPhone introduced the seminal user interface – touch, the next evolution from Stylus, Mouse, and Keyboard.  We are introducing voice control to Synqq, the next evolution from touch. Use your voice to do everything you do with the Synqq Mobile application. Check out the Synqq TechCrunch announcement.

In the past few years, speech recognition has evolved from obscurity to the mainstream. Amazon made the first breakthrough with its stay-at-home Echo, enabling the user to buy  anything from Amazon and extend your home control with natural language commands. Google followed suit with Google Home. Apple has introduced an exciting new mode of hands-free operation with its AirPods and recently became the largest headset vendor. Apple, Google, and Amazon are accelerating the voice era for consumers.

Now, with voice, Synqq enables users to issue a set of commands to navigate the mobile application, and create, share, or consume the content they need at work.  The Synqq platform understands natural language requests such as “open people”, “find Bob”, “add a note,” “share a note,” “create a meeting,” and “when was my last meeting with Bob?” Synqq is also self-learning:  its understanding of what the user is looking for grows with each time it is used.

Synqq AI model automatically recognizes names, entities, locations, and content based on prior interactions, making it an eminently effective tool to respond to commands, fill out forms, and locate salient information. We take the speech from the user and apply our Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Named-entity Recognition (NER) to guide the speech to text translator.

For example, as a user, if you need to have a follow-up meeting, you merely need to issue the command “Create event TechCrunch follow up with Ramu, Nelly, and Michael tomorrow at 10:00 AM for an hour”. Synqq’s ML understands the names of the people (Ramu, Nelly and Michael) involved and picks out the pertinent facts required (title, time, and location) to create a new meeting and send out the calendar invites. The Synqq ML model learns from each such encounter and delivers to the user what he or she needs to succeed.

Synqq helps improve human interactions in business settings by using AI and context from the phone to enable the sharing and retrieval of short-form content, is the first company to demonstrate voice as a primary interface for its principal functions. Download Synqq and start using your voice for your daily business interactions. We would be delighted to hear from you.  

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