One central place to share, organize, and retrieve everything at work

What if you could rely on one central place to share, organize, and retrieve all of the information you need to achieve your most essential objectives?

We spend 3-5 hours in meetings, plus 15-20 additional interactions per day working with other people to achieve our goals and objectives. And we spend up to 25% of our day searching for information to prepare for these interactions; often repeating the same search and retrieval exercise multiple times.


One problem is that we work with up to twenty different applications, including Office365, GSuite, Trello, DropBox, Slack and others; each with their own unique organization structure, so it’s a struggle to remember where to find everything.

To make matters more challenging, we are also creating, capturing, and sharing an increasing volume of new short-form, just-in-time content. This new form of sharing at work can be profoundly helpful, but finding an image of a whiteboard, sent in a text, or as an attachment to an email is impossible.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 7.59.48 AMWe created Synqq to enable your best sharing, and we leveraged AI and context from the phone to manage the organization and retrieval automatically. Now, sharing doesn’t come with the added pain of having to self-organize or spend massive amounts of time searching. You can focus more on the work at hand because all the information you need is only a couple clicks away.

Try Synqq today.  See what it’s like to stay in Synqq with everything and everyone that matters.

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